Commercial Properties – Consultation is Free

Long Island real estate taxes have risen dramatically in recent years. Despite this fact, a majority of all property owners have not challenged their real estate assessments. It is enlightening to note that an overwhelming majority of properties appealed by REAG are reduced. By reducing your annual property taxes and decreasing your overhead, you are essentially increasing your profit margin, which in turn promotes the success of the business’s future.

We have been helping property owners reduce their assessments since 1989.
Let our team assess your property by giving you the proper appraisal for your New York based commercial business.
Our staff of professional consultants will ensure your business is receiving the maximum allowance of property tax reductions your company may be entitled.

Once accepted as a client, the chances are we can lower your property tax. If we decide your tax bill is fair, you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are paying no more than your fair share of real estate taxes.eo.