Residential Tax Grievance Services

A successful real estate tax appeal is based upon first establishing the market value of your property. In order to reduce your property taxes you must prove that the value of your property is less than the valuation assigned by your assessing district (the assessment is deemed to be correct by New York State, and the burden of proof, falls on the petitioner-homeowner to prove otherwise). A recent bona fide arms length sale of the subject property is the best evidence. If the property was not recently purchased, or the purchase was not at arms length (as in an inter-family sale, foreclosure or other sale made under conditions of distress), an appraisal by a state certified appraiser is the next best type of evidence, which is typically used to prove value of your home throughout the process.

Our Process

Our consultants handle the entire process and act as your personal tax manager in respect to your property assessment, which ensures you receive your maximum tax reductions. The Process step by step: